Recommended tools that can create mockups

Here, I will introduce a convenient tool that allows you to create mockups with simple operations. Please use it to check the appearance, layout, etc. when creating a web design. It is a convenient tool that anyone can easily use.

A mockup is for checking the appearance, layout, etc. when creating a web design. Here, we will introduce a convenient tool that allows you to create mockups with simple operations.

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A mockup is a model created like a real thing. In the design of websites and applications, it refers to a reproduction of the screen design. Unlike prototypes, which are prototypes that include dynamic designs such as operability and functionality.

They are created to share a static design image with everyone involved in the production, from developers to clients.

Mockups are needed to share the image of the finished product. If the image of the design is not shared sufficiently, it may be necessary to modify the design during or after the development due to the difference in recognition.

For that reason, everyone involved in product development needs to confirm the design using the created mockup before entering the full-scale development phase.


It is a mockup creation tool operated on the web and can be used for free.

Select a part from the menu on the left, place it on the screen, and edit the color, text, etc. from the menu on the right.

You can also upload image files by dragging and dropping them locally.

There is also a tutorial video so you can check how to use it at any time.

The created xml file can be downloaded on the spot and saved in cloud storage such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox.

2)   Mockingbird

Like, it is a tool that can be operated on the web.

Create a mockup by arranging the material from the “Add element” menu and editing the size and text.

Many of the stencils are practical, such as Google Maps and SNS icons, making it easy to imagine.

Even free members can import image files into the screen and export the created mockups in pdf / png format.

3)   Gliffy

This is also a mockup creation tool that can be created on the web.

The menu bar can be customized to some extent, and it is a feature that you can create an environment where you can work easily.

If you have registered as a user, you can also upload images.

The free version is a specification that allows you to export files only in the file format dedicated to gliffy.

4)   moqups

A tool that allows you to create mockups on the web, with a wealth of stencils and icons.

If you have registered as a user, you can also upload image files. (Free membership is also possible)

If you want to export the created file as pdf / png, you need to register as a paid member.

5)   Flinto

A mockup creation tool for smartphones that you can download and use.

You can work on mac and iOS, both for a fee but with a free trial period.

You can upload images and connect them to set screen transitions. Also, at this time, you can select from multiple effects at the time of page transition.

The feature is that the cooperation with Dropbox and the sharing function are also substantial.

So far, I have introduced tools that are useful for creating mockups and points to consider for those tools.

Since mockups allow everyone to share the image of the finished product, it is attractive to be able to eliminate visual deviations and make corrections and improvements before development.
For mockup creation tools, it’s a good idea to use a trial version of the tool you’re considering choosing or a free service to see the UI and functionality.

It can be used for meetings and presentations, and it is also a useful tool for personally creating Web services, so please use it.


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